Axonic - Neurostimulation Systems

Located in France in the Sophia-Antipolis high technology park,
AXONIC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the MXM Group.

Axonic, activité R&D

R&D Activities

In 2018, Axonic's portfolio consists of 3 R&D projects representing 2 new innovative solutions.
A demonstration of proof of concept will be launched over the next 12 months, in order to evaluate new neurostimulation treatments on pathologies that have not been explored yet by this type of treatments, and which have high potential.

Axonic, Aujourd'hui


Our ambition is to continue to innovate to reinforce our excellence in development in the field of neurostimulation.
Since the end of 2017, with the view to integrate its own communicable and mutualisable technological plateform, the compagny has also learnt from the expertise of external experts, particularly in the field of electronic chips, to support its projects.

Axonic, Demain


At the end of positive clinical tests ; the industrialisation of medical devices will be initiated with and according to applied regulatory measures.
AXONIC have partnerships with the main institutions and nationnal research centers (CEA, Inria, IPMC, LIRMM), and is in a close collaboration with CHU professors, and internationnal societies.

Grafin Project

AXONIC recently embarked on board EU "Graphene Flagship" within the transnational H2020 project "GRAFIN".
It aims to enhance performance of next generation neural interfaces by means of implementation of graphene on stimulation electrodes. This highly pure crystalline form of carbon provides unique properties compared to existing technologies and opens the door for unexpected applications in neurostimulation.


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